Auction Day


Auction Day print

Charles Peterson Artist

Edition Size:  2800

Size:  33″ w x 17″ h

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Auction Day print

Charles Peterson artist

Auction Day by Charles Peterson is a rare fine art, signed and numbered, collector edition print.  This artwork is part of the Memories collection series.  The print is no longer available from the publisher.  The print is available from von Essen Galerie.

The artwork composition makes use of a beautiful Victorian house in nearby Sturgeon Bay.  The artist transposed the green one from two doors away and invented a background to suggest the spirit of the neighborhood.  He also took the liberty of changing the stone and brown shingle house into an all white one for my own design purposes. 

He discovered, after developing the composition, that, as a child, Sue had visited a summer camp mate in this home. The classmate of one of our grandchildren lives in it now.  It makes one wonder what forces influence our choices.  The varied people and attitudes presented in the painting are based on numerous actions attended here and in Ohio.  Attitudes we are all familiarly with:  curiosity, anxiety, hope for discovery, sympathy with the owner, celebration…Charles Peterson

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