At von Essen, we assist our customers whether it be a residential, business or organization setting to communicate through art! Our Design Program is tailored to individual client’s specific needs. Our services include:


  • Assessment of client’s current art collection.
  • Recommend cost-effective updates to current artwork with matting and framing.
  • Review with client’s the desired new artwork.
  • Develop proposals that specifically meet stated objectives and fit a desired budget.


  • Search and commission work by qualified artists within parameters identified by client.
  • Search and acquire prints or canvases through a variety of wholesale resources.
  • Design and create custom presentations for corporate memorabilia, honors, and 3-dimensional artwork.


  • To ensure artwork is preserved for lasting enjoyment, we use trend setting designs along with conservation framing techniques.
  • We offer materials, such as, the appropriate glass to ensure protection from fading and reduce glare.
    • Consider safety in the choice of glazing and hanging options.


  • Document each artwork’s value for insurance purposes.
  • Provide identification and signage of work for public display.
  • Assist with or oversee installation of work.