Rod Frederick

Rod Frederick– explore von Essen Galerie for the artist reproduction wall art prints. Whether it be wall prints or other art media you will find just what you are looking for.

The serene outdoors seems at odds with the wild and crazy character of this artist.  This artist is as famous for his paintings as he is for his sense of humor and gaudy shirts!  If seen on his constant excursions into the wilds, many a collector would tell of an eccentric pirate come to life seemingly fearless explorer.

His love of animals and art was sown early.  He attended Willamette University with a major in art and a minor in biology.   He put that education to good use as he embarked on a fine art career that would allow him to do what he enjoyed most; explore and learn.

He hiked and camped in mountains and forests throughout the northwest U.S., Central America, and East Africa.  He knows the lakes and mountains as well as he knows the plains and deserts, not to mention almost all the creatures who live there.

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