James Meger

James Meger – explore von Essen Galerie for the artist reproduction wall art prints. Whether it be wall prints or other art media you will find just what you are looking for.

The artist taught art from 1973-1979.  During this time he consulted with his mentor, artist Les Kouba.  In 1979, he resigned from teaching.  His first limited edition art print “Wildside” was released and quickly sold out. It was also announced in December of 1979 that he had won the 1980 Minnesota Duck Stamp print.

Meger wants to tell a story with each of his paintings. Since 1982, he has included hidden elements in his art, prints and posters. The curious and keen observers seek out the hidden images. From this, Meger has been known as the artist who paints “More than Meets the Eye.”

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