The next time you need the perfect gift, consider custom framing a piece of art, a special photo, or a memento. Flowers last a few days, a nice dinner lasts a couple hours, but frames can last a lifetime. Because so many things can be custom framed, you can easily come up with a unique gift for every occasion. Here are some ideas to get your own thoughts flowing.

Anniversaries or Valentine’s Day

Frame a portrait of yourself or with your significant other. If the two of you have been on a recent trip, frame a special memory.

The Birth of a Baby

When someone has a baby, a great way to celebrate the occasion is with a frame to insert pictures in, frame the birth announcement, or have us cut out the baby’s name in a mat.


A graduate will generally appreciate having their diploma custom framed after working all those years to get it! For those who were involved in school activities, they may also enjoy a shadowbox filled with their school memories. Of course their graduation portrait can be framed as well. In addition, certificates of achievement and other types of documents, not specifically related to graduation, can be framed and given as a gift to the person who earned it.


Framed wedding memorabilia makes a great gift for the bride and groom or a treasue for their parents. Wedding pictures, invitations and flowers are all special keepsakes.

Birthdays or “Just Because” Days

We all have different tastes and interests. Think of something to frame that will mean a lot to the person you plan to give it to. Consider a small quilt or painting you made for them. Everyone can use a framed mirror and you can frame it to suit a specific room decor. If you are undecided, visit the galerie and purchase a gift certificate.

Give Yourself A Gift!

From time to time we all deserve to purchase something for ourselves. You may have a special keepsake you have been saving that would look perfect in a nice frame. Perhaps you need to find a great piece of art to complete a newly decorated room.