The Concert


The Concert print

Charles Peterson Artist

Edition Size:  950

Image Size:  28″ w x 22″ h

This print is no longer published by the publisher.  Please contact us for current aftermarket prices.

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The Concert print

Charles Peterson artist

The Concert by Charles Peterson is a rare fine art, signed and numbered, limited edition print.  The print is part of the Memories Collection Series.  The artwork depicts a gazebo with a band playing fall concert.

The Carolers is a companion print that depicts a winter scene at the gazebo with carolers.

This is the most expensive most collectable fine art print today. This is the image on the front cover of Charles Peterson’s first book, Of Time and Place. This particular print was from Charles Peterson’s personal collection.  The print edition number is number 3 out of 950.

“When I was a young man it was a fantasy to think of living from one’s painting. It seemed like a hopeless dream. Surprisingly, it has become possible for me and I’m very grateful for the support I’ve had.

As I get older, I’m becoming more fanatical about my work. I’m conscious of my mortality, so I’ve become quite jealous of my time and energy. It’s a basic human urge, I guess, to leave something worthwhile behind and to try and improve in some small way the life we all share. The fact that I am able to indulge my passion for painting, and make a living at it, is truly a privilege.”-Charles Peterson


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