Shades of Grey


Shades of Grey canvas

Rod Frederick artist

Edition and Size:  Limited 75

Image Size:  11″ w x 25″ h


Shades of Grey canvas

Rod Frederick artist

Rod Frederick Shades of Grey is fine art Giclée limited edition canvas.  Artwork depicts a grey owl.

The distinct facial disks of the Great Grey Owl, known as “ruffs,” enhance the raptors greatest hunting asset ― its hearing. While they do hunt during the day, low-light and night is when the owls are most active. From a perch at the edge of a meadow in a grove of aspen trees, this Great Grey patiently awaits the arrival of its next meal.

Below him, a pack of grey wolves make their up a riverbed beneath the Grand Tetons Mount Moran. Named for the great American landscape artist Thomas Moran, the flat head sandstone mountain completes the trilogy of “greys” in this Rod Frederick painting.

“Shades of Grey” is a classic presentation of Rod Frederick’s sense of design, where nothing comes in “standard” ― from dimension, color scheme to subject. Bold in color and deep in concept, this Fine Art Edition Canvas is perfect for that unique vertical space craving a special work of art.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 15 × 3 in


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