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God Shed His Grace on Thee


God Shed His Grace on Thee is part of the America the Beautiful series by Terry Redlin. God Shed His Grace on Thee is a limited edition print that has been signed by the artist.

Artist: Terry Redlin
Edition Type and Size: Limited Edition of 29500
Release Year: 1990
Edition Size: 28-3/8″ w x 16-1/2″ h

Going to the Chapel


Going to the Chapel print

P Buckley Moss artist

Edition:  Limited 250

Image Size:  8-9/16″ w x 7-1/2″ h

Gold Green Pendant Necklace


Gold Green Pendant Necklace is as unique as our own inner self. Follow the twists, turns, & colors to experience the depth & mystery of each individual pendant. Created with dichroic glass in 4 signature styles, these pendants are available in a variety of colors. Current shapes include Asymmetric, Curved, Rounded, or Rectangles and 2 sizes.  Chain is 18″ long.

Artist: Dee Janssen



Gone With the Wind


Gone with the Wind

Artist:  Judy Larson

Edition Type and Size:  Limited AP150

Release Year:  1990

Image Size:  23-1/4″ w x 19-1/2″ h



Grandmas Flowers


Grandmas Flowers print

P Buckley Moss artist

Limited Edition 250

Image Size  6-3/4″ w x 7″ h



Grange print

P Buckley Moss artist

Limited Edition 250

Image Size  10-15/16″ w x 9″ h

Green Soap Dish


Green Soap Dish


Size:  5-3/4″ w x 3-3/4″ h

Type:  Functional


Red Soap Dish handcrafted by Dee Janssen Glassworks.  Fabulous colorful ridged dish to hold your favorite handmade soaps with a designer touch or glitz up the kitchen by the sink to keep your sponge handy.