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Cooling Off

Artist Robert Summers
Edition Type and Size Limited Edition
Release Year 1500
Print Size 30″ w x 21″ h

Copper Pendant Necklace


Copper Pendant Necklace is as unique as our own inner self. Follow the twists, turns, & colors to experience the depth & mystery of each individual pendant. Created with diachronic glass in 4 signature styles, these pendants are available in a variety of colors. Current shapes include Asymmetric, Curved, Rounded, or Rectangles and 2 sizes.  18″ Chain

Artist:  Dee Janssen

Cops and Robbers


Cops and Robbers

Artist:  Bonnie Marris

Edition Type and Size:  Limited 1000

Release Year:  1991

Image Size:  21″ w x 13-1/8″ H



Copycat print

P Buckley Moss artist

Size:  4-3/16″ w x 5-5/8″ h

Corn Pickin in the 1930s


Corn Pickin in the 1930s

Artist:  Les Kouba

Edition Type and Size:  Limited 2000

Release Year:  1975

Image Size:  24″ w x 17-3/4″ h


Country Doctor


Country Doctor  print

Charles Peterson artist

Edition:  Collector 1750

Year Release:  1993

Print Size:  26″ w x 19″ h


Country Fresh


Country Fresh print

Charles Peterson artist

Edition Size:  2600

Size:  30″ w x 19″ h