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1989 Christmas Greeting


1989 Christmas Greeting

Artist:  Charles Wysocki

Edition and Size:  Limited Edition 11000

Year Release:  1989

Image size: 20″w x 16 5/8″h.

“When I was young, Christmas meant good feelings between neighbors, home-baked pies, home-made gifts and especially friendly snowball fights between the boys. We would divide into teams and call ourselves things like ‘Hawks’ and

‘Bulldogs,’ just as I’ve shown in ‘Christmas Greeting.’ Then we would stick our sleds in the snow and hunker down behind them while we built our forts.

That task completed, each fellow would pat together his snowballs and then each team would inspect the other’s ammunition. We had to have exactly the same amount. Finally, all hats and scarves (and sometimes goggles) firmly in place, the cry went up: ‘Let the battle begin!’ How our projectiles flew! But there were never any casualties and truce was declared when the snowballs ran out. It was all innocent fun. Part of the lasting memories of Christmas.”  Charles Wysocki


A Breed Apart

Artist Scott Kennedy
Edition Type and Size Limited Edition 2750
Release Year 1991
Edition Size 38 1/4″w x 7 1/2″h. 

A Day With Dad


A Day With Dad

Artist:  P Buckley Moss

Edition and Type Size:  250 Limited

Image Size:  14-1/8″ w x 14-3/16″ h