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School Room


School Room print

P Buckley Moss artist

Size:  14-1/2″ w x 14-1/2″ h





Artist:  P Buckley Moss

Edition and Size:  Limited 250

Release Year:  2015

Image Size:  4-7/8″ w x 4-3/4″ h

Scouting Party


Scouting Party

Artist Olaf Weighorst

Edition Type and Size Limited Edition 1500

Release Year 1983

Edition Size 23-1/2″ w x 19-1/2″ h

Season of the Eagles


Season of the Eagles

Artist:  Bev Doolittle

Edition Type and Size:   Limited 36548

Release Year:    1987

Image Size:  18″ w x 27-1/4″

Secret Watch


Secret Watch (Lynx) by Stephen Lyman is a Limited Edition Print.

Artist Stephen Lyman
Edition Type and Size Limited Edition 2250
Release Year 1991
Edition Size 15″ w x 15″ h




P Buckley Moss Artist

Small Size:    26-1/8″ x 15″ h

Medium Size:  34-13/16″ w x 20″


September Sun


September Sun print

Charles Peterson artist

Edition Size:  1250

Release Year:  2004

Image Size”  14″ w x10″ h

Shades of Grey


Shades of Grey

Artist:  Rod Frederick

Edition and Size:  Limited 75

Image Size:  11″ w x 23″ h

Shadowing Memories


Shadowing Memories

Dennis Schmidt artist

Edition:  980 Limited

Release Year:  1980

Size:  24″ w x 12″ h

Shadows of Dusk

Artist Rod Frederick
Edition Type and Size Limited Edition 1500
Release Year 1988
Edition Size 29″ w x 15″ h

Shaker Clock


Shaker Clock – Handcrafted from a solid piece of select Appalachian cherry with my hand-rubbed finish. USA made quartz movement.

Sharing the Evening


Sharing the Evening print

Terry Redlin Artist

Edition Size:  Limited 29500

Release Year:  1993

Print Size:  24″ w x 14″ h

Sharing the Faith


Sharing the Faith

Artist:  Larry Dyke

Edition Type and Size:  Limited 5000

Release Year:  1982

Image Size:  18″ w x 22-1/2″ h