Secret Watch


Secret Watch (Lynx) print

Stephen Lyman artist

Edition Size 15″ w x 15″ h

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Secret Watch (Lynx) print

Stephen Lyman artist

Stephen Lyman Secret Watch (Lynx) is a rare fine art, signed and numbered, limited edition print.  Artwork depicts a Lynx huddle from a winter’s day.

The lynx has evolved into a very specific and specialized animal that lives at high elevations where there’s snow all year round. He preys solely on the snowshoe hare. They are quiet and elusive. They have enormous paws so they can run and pursue prey on top of the snow without falling through. They’re not very aggressive. They won’t compete with their close cousins, the bobcat, for food. The lynx won’t even try to survive on mice or squirrels, so it will leave if the bobcats have eaten all the hares.

This particular lynx is in a little nook in the rocks where it can be comfortable, silent and secretive. It’s observing and watching and listening . . . maybe for a snowshoe hare to come by.


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