Above the Fruited Plains


Above the Fruited Plains

Terry Redlin Artist

Size: 28-3/8″ w x 16-1/2″ h

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Above the Fruited Plains

Terry Redlin Artist

Above the Fruited Plains is part of the America the Beautiful series by Terry Redlin.  Above the Fruited Plains is a limited edition print that is signed by the artist.

America became truly a land of plenty.  The hardworking settlers harvested a bountiful variety of foods to feed a growing nation.  Here the farmer and his family haul to town a wagon overflowing with corn, baskets of apples and containers of milk.  Redlin’s mother remembers doing this very thing when she was a young girl.  Overhead, pigeons have found their home atop the grain elevator, a study monument to the rich soil and the people who toiled on it.


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Dimensions 35 × 23 × 1 in


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